The basic spinet with birch soundboard and cherry, walnut, or maple endrails.


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The Spinet with a solid mahogany soundboard


the Spinet with a stained mahogany soundboard




  • Range: 3 octaves, from D below middle C to G''

  • Dimensions: 41" by 22" by 3"

  • Weight: 15 pounds

  • 16 treble and 15 bass courses, with 2 strings per course

  • : Materials: hard maple pin-blocks

  • Maple, walnut, cherry or ash endrails

  • Exotic woods, special bindings and inlays are available on custom orders-call for price details

  • Soundboards available in birch, mahogany and custom stained mahogany, avidire, and spruce

  • The Spinet Package includes a custom made padded Cordura case with shoulder strap, pocket, and handle, chromatic tuner, tuning wrench, tuning chart, hammers, instruction book, and a sit-down or stand-up stand

  • Cases are available in several color choices

  • Package price starts at $650 on birch soundboard models

  • Solid Mahagony soundboard model packages are $745

  • Custom stained mahogany soundboard model packages are $845 (+$100 for stain)

Listen to a spinet

tuning chart