McSpadden Mt. Dulcimers from The Dulcimer Shoppe in Mt. View, AR
Quality-sounding, easy to play, true fretting, life-time guarantee. Recommended by Annette Lindsey who has been playing hers since 1978. Comes with a padded back-pack case, instruction book, pick and noter.
McSpadden dulcimers start at $475.00 and come in walnut, cherry, or maple. Scroll heads will add $25.00, spruce soundboards will add $11.00, and redwood soundboards will add $15.00. They come in hourglass (shown) or teardrop models.
Below are some of the models that you can choose from.

McSpadden mt. dulcimer kit. $140
Sweet Sound model-easy to put together.  The kit includes  a how- to book with step-by-step instructions.  The kit comes with a walnut top and walnut sides.

McSpadden Mountain Dulcimer Models Available

Flat peghead, hourglass Baritone with Redwood top & Walnut back & Nylon Case.

This model is built to David Schnaufer's specifications and carries his signature. It has a Cherry body, Redwood top, Ebony overlay (without position dots), an extended fretboard including an 18th fret, black tuning pegs, and a black pickguard. These dulcimers are all set up for optimized intonation in D-A-D tuning using a string set selected by David.

6 String, flat peghead, hourglass
with Walnut top & back and Nylon Case.

Flat peghead, hourglass with Spruce top & Cherry back/Nylon Case

Flat peghead, hourglass with Redwood top & Walnut back/ Nylon Case

Flat peghead, hourglass with Walnut top & back/Nylon Case

Scrollhead hourglass with Redwood soundboard and walnut back/Nylon Case

Cherry scrollhead hourglass/Nylon case

Walnut scrollhead hourglass with spruce soundboard/Nylon case