David’s Dulcimers
Mountain Dulcimer Accessories

Soft, padded cordura mountain dulcimer case with backpack straps and handle. Large pocket on front and McSpadden embroidered logo. $40.00

Mountain Dulcimer Capo. Made of hard maple. Adjusts to fit most mountain dulcimers. $20


Fretboard chord charts for the mountain dulcimer by Maureen Sellers. Charts are laminated and have several positions for each chord, and back shows coordinating guitar charts. $2.00 each DAD or DAA



Chord chart by Kendra Ward.
Available for mountain dulcimers in DAD and DAA. Laminated, color-coded organization of chords. Excellent showing of chord progressions for the keys of D, A, G, and E with relative minors. $5.00

Mountain dulcimer picks. Herdim picks from Germany $1.00 available in blue, red, or yellow. McSpadden picks $.50 each. Felt picks $1.50 each.

Quick release (break away) strap for the mountain dulcimer. Easy on and off, it allows the strap to remain on the dulcimer. $20.00 Available in red or black.

We also have buttons to install on your mountain dulcimer $2.00 each black or chrome


Korg Contact Microphone. Excellent to plug into any tuner and clamp onto your instrument to block out external noise. Also an excellent tool for the mountain dulcimer player. Just clip it onto your instrument and plug it into an amp to use as a microphone. $16


Pick holders. Adhesive strip allows you to attach it to your dulcimer so that your picks are at your fingertips when needed. $1.50

Squeakless strings by Larkin Bryant.
$5.50 for purple (regular) or blue (light) set.

Mt. Dulcimer strings by McSpadden.
$4.50 per set for either DAD or DAA.

McSpadden Baritone strings for the mountain dulcimer. $7.00 per set
McSpadden Squeakless String Sets $5.50 per set

David’s Dulcimers Mt. Dulcimer string sets.
$4.00 per set. Available in DAD or DAA with loop or ball ends.