Hammered Dulcimer Stands

David’s hammered dulcimer adjustable stand. Fully adjustable for angle and height. Knobs make the stand easy to adjust. Quality hardwood construction. Natural lacquer finish. This stand will support both large and small dulcimers securely. The dimensions for the stand are 25" on the lower end and 29" on the upper end. The lower end will entend another 20" and the upper end can extend another 25". Available in ash (as shown at left) for $199 or cherry or walnut for $229.

The scissor stand (right). Made of hard ash. Makes a sturdy but light-weight stand for most dulcimers. Comes in 3 different heights: tall, standard, and short, starting at 33" on the lower rail and going up in 2" increments. When ordering please consider the width of your dulcimer $89.