David’s Dulcimers


“Finally! A lightweight instrument with the same character as the
big one I've been toting around for over 40 years.”
  Bill Spence


  • Range: Fully chromatic in 3 octaves, from D below middle C to G''
  • Low A on the first note on the bass bridge to give it extra range for key of A
  • Dimensions are 42" x 22" x 3"
  • Lightweight: weighs in under 20 pounds!
  • 16 treble courses with 3 strings per course
  • 16 bass courses with 2 strings per course
  • 5 chromatic notes with 2 strings per course
  • Materials: Pin blocks are made of laminated hard maple piano pin blocks
    End rails and sides are of maple, walnut, cherry or ash
  • Exotic woods, special bindings, redwood soundboard, and inlays are available - call for price details
  • Soundboards available in western red cedar, mahogany, and sitka spruce. Add $100 for stain or black
  • David's Dulcimers specially-designed rosettes and inlaid bridge course markers are standard equipment
  • Includes hammers, sturdy padded Cordura case, tuning wrench, and tuning chart
  • Dampers can now be ordered for $400

This newly designed model is a full-size instrument of the type made only by David Lindsey, with the professional-quality tone and dynamic range that David builds into all his dulcimers. The Bill Spence Model has a true “Grand Style” floating soundboard, supported at its side edges only, to eliminate vibration-damping center supports and to permit it to vibrate more freely than a soundboard whose top and bottom edges are glued in place. It now offers 3 strings per course on the treble to enhance its dynamic range.

bsc chart