Mt. dulcimer instruction books by Maureen Sellers.
Maureen Sellers is a well-known, premier instructor on the mt. dulcimer and her books are excellent (highly recommended by Annette Lindsey). All books and materials are in DAD (except for chord charts).

•Beginner 1 $12.00 w/cd $24
•Beginner 2 $12.00
•Simply Remembered $12.00
•Civil War $12.00
•Simply Gospel I, II, III $12.00 each
•Simply Duets $20.00
•Chord charts (large) $5.00 (DAD on front, DAA on back)
•Fretboard charts $2.00 (DAD or DAA)
•Fretboard companion $5.00

Mountain Dulcimer Instruction books
by Helen Johnson

  • Favorite Hymns and Songs for the Mt. Dulcimer $15

  • The Promised Land $15

  • How Great Thou Art $15

  • Fiddlin' Around with the Mt. Dulcimer $15

  • Deep Roots $15

  • Christmas $15

Hammer Dulcimer instructions books by
Linda Thompson

  • Beginning Hammer Dulcimer $24 with CD
  • Classical Hammer Dulcimer $20
  • Sacred Hammer Dulcimer $20
  • Hammer Dulcimer Notebook $52 with 2 CD's
  • Hammer Dulcimer Christmas $20

Hammer Dulcimer instruction books and DVD's by Kendra Ward

  • The Hammer Dulcimer Handbook Book 1 $24 with CD
  • Old Time Religion $12
  • Let's Jam Volume 1, 2, 3 $12
  • Chord Charts for hammer and mt. dulcimer $5
  • The Bowed Psaltery Handbook $21
  • Count Your Blessings $18
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas $15
  • Hammer Dulcimer Basics DVD $20
  • Arpeggio's DVD $20
    Brand New!

Kendra's DVDs are professionally produced and an excellent tool for hammered dulcimer players who are just beginning to play or want to improve their playing by learning chords. Just $20 each.

Russell Cook Instruction books for the Hammer Dulcimer

The Ultimate Hammer Dulcimer Resource Book $39

This book is basically 5 books in 1 that evolved from hammer dulcimer workshop handouts of 25 years teaching at festivals. The first sections is how to approach the hammer dulcimer from a musical theory standpoint. Excellent for piano players learning the hammer dulcimer. Section 2 is the most important, called snapshots, It is chock full of visual images of how to recognize very important patterns without having to understand the theory behind them such as chromatics, scales, and alternate chord patterns, etc. The third part is a chord book for the hammer dulcimer, much like a guitar chord book. The 4th section is designed for jamming, showing the 8 most commonly used chords in a particular key. The 5th section shows chord formulas.

The Russell Cook Book $30
This book was written by Russell because of requests from hammer dulcimer players wanting to duplicate the beautiful arrangements heard on his CD's. Arrangements are musically written with the melody notes stems up and the embellishment notes notated stems down. This allows a beginner to play the melody only and then add embelishments as the skill level increases. Also included are favorite recipes of the Cook family. Comes with a CD.