Winter Creek Reunion is an acoustic music festival that takes place on the banks of Winter Creek in Bennington, OK, the dulcimer capital of the USA. It is sponsored by David's Dulcimers and the Red River Valley Dulcimer Club. It was started as a get together to work on David's shop in 2002 by musician friends and grew into what we now call Winter Creek Reunion.

Cheryl and David Turner along with Mike and Brenda Jeter were the driving force in getting Winter Creek Reunion on its feet in the beginning years. As the Red River Valley Dulcimer Club grew and gained strength it was able to take over many of the duties of getting the festival ready. This had been the vision of David's Dulcimers, the Turners, and the Jeter's from the beginning. The club now runs the festival and is very excited about its future.

Winter Creek Reunion is a free festival and offers workshops in hammer dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, guitar, banjo, autoharp, fiddle, rythmn, and shape note signing. You will always find someone jamming and all are welcome to join. There is camping on the grounds available for rv's and tents along with a campground at Masterworks close by. Vendors are also available to offer a variety of crafts and musical products. Everyone enjoys the afternoon and evening concerts as well. Everyone loves the relaxing, laid-back country atmosphere of the festival. You'll feel like you've been to a family reunion by the time you leave!

Come be a part of this wonderful event that takes place the weekend of Columbus Day in October each year. Visit the club's website at for information and registration.

Winter Creek Reunion 2017

A lot has changed since that first festival. We now have an extended barn for concerts, a new stage and a wonderful green room, improved camping, lots of big, enclosed tents for increased workshops, and we are now starting Friday morning so that we can have two full days of fun, jamming, and learning. Here are some of our super performers. We are now offering in depth classes on Thursday afternoon for mountain and hammer dulcimer and autoharp (and sometimes more instruments). Go to to check them out.

These are our 2017 performer's lineup:

Kendra Ward & Bob Bence
Max ZT and House of Waters
Neal Hellman
Tull Glazener
Spencer & Raines
Karen & Chuck Daniels
Ciaran & Collette Dalton (Ireland)

And we will also have:
The Vanderveers
David and Dana
Margaret Wright
and many more!

Please join us. See you there!