David's Favorite Websites

www.rrvdc.com is one of David's Dulcimers favorite websites, naturally, since it is Red River Valley Dulcimer Club's website. David and Annette take great pride in their home club and the opportunity to play music with them. Check it out for the club's schedule and activities, especially Winter Creek Reunion which RRVDC sponsor at David's Dulcimers the first weekend in October!

www.lssds.com is another of David's Dulcimers favorite websites. David, Annette, Dana and Judy Hamilton were a big part in founding the Lone Star State Dulcimer Society way back in 1980. LSSDS has fathered many, many clubs throughout Texas, as well as other states, and still takes great pride in preserving the history of the hammered and mountain dulcimers. Check out this website for information on Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival in Glen Rose, TX which is held on Mother's Day weekend in May and Winterfest which is held in Irving, TX in February.
www.museumof theredriver.org features both temporary and long-term exhibits drawn from its own collections and from outside artists, collectors, and institutions. The Gregory Perino Gallery is dedicated to the presentation and study of regional archaeological materials.
www.oldpalmusic.com is a festival with a laid back attitude but with really great music. Many of the performers come from the mountains of North Carolina and bring the music that they know so well.

www.oldsongs.org/festival Check out one of David's Dulcimers favorite festivals! It is held the last week in June in Altamont, NY at the fairgrounds. Andy Spence is the director of Old Songs Fest with the help of Bill Spence and many, many others at the Old Songs organization. You absolutely will never be dissappointed in the wonderful talent they bring to the festival from all over the world.

www.commongroundonthehill.org Check out this festival that is held the first two weeks in July at McDaniel College in Westminster, MD for 2 week-long jam packed curriculum that includes arts, music, dance, crafts, theatre, culture, and much, much more. Headed by Walt Michael, you will certainly find several classes you would love to take and then enjoy the wonderful festival that is between the two weekends.
www.dulcimers.com Check out the biggest dulcimer club in the United States! It hosts the biggest hammered dulcimer festival ever held, The Original Dulcimer Players Club Funfest. Over 7,000 people go through the Osceola County Fairgrounds in Evart, MI on the third weekend of July. Five dollars will get you in for the whole weekend (Thursday-Sunday) and allows you to go to any of the hundreds of workshops offered for all kinds of instruments and any of the afternoon and evening concerts. You're guaranteed to love it!

www.wayniepsaltery.com Visit this website to find the best psalteries made. Wayne has invented the compact psaltery, one of his best selling models. Wayne also makes David's Dulcimer music holders and tri-fold stands.

www.wildwoodmusic.com Check out Wildwood Music in historic Roscoe Village in Coschocton, OH. Marty and Don offer a wide-variety of hammered dulcimers, mountain dulcimers, guitars, banjos, as well as many other instruments. Take a look at their store, which is an old, historic lock-keeper's house.
www.wvfest.com Walnut Valley Festival is the festival of champions! Located in Winfield, KS, visit the website to see the national champions from last year and the entertainers, workshops, and contests for this year's festival.
www.dulcimertimes.com Check out the website of one of our favorite couples, Kendra Ward and Bob Bence.
www.mcspaddendulcimers.com Visit the Dulcimer Shoppe in Mt. View, AR set in the beautiful Ozark Mountains and see why it is our favorite mountain dulcimer store. The Dulcimer Shoppe offers a variety of handcrafted instruments. Annette has been playing and performing on her Mcspadden dulcimer since 1978 and it still sounds great!
www.dulcimerbaglady.com Lee Felt makes the best mountain dulcimer bags (as well as other types of bags) that you could ever want. Her shop is located at Thistledew Acres in Ohio. If you can't catch her at a festival, then visit her website to find the bag for your needs.
www.maxzt.com Visit this website to hear great music from a fresh, innovative hammered dulcimer player. Max is the 2005 National Hammered Champion and a world traveler learning the music of different cultures.
www.dpnews.com Check out the Dulcimer Players News, a magazine sure to keep you up on everything happening in the dulcimer world. Great articles. A must for all dulcimer players.
www.dulcimerdays.com Dulcimer Days is held in Coshocton, OH in June. Check out the website for dates, performers, and workshops at the festival in this wonderful, historic town.
www.redrivercommunityhouse.org Established in the 1940s the Red River Community House still serves Red River with family oriented activities. Home of the Red River Dulcimer Festival in the beautiful, cool Rocky Mountains of northern New Mexico. Make Red River, NM your summer vacation spot and include the festival in your plans!

www.rcdesignsite.com Randal works closely with David on laser designed hammers and soundhole inserts. Check out what Randal can do for you on designs for your needs.
www.islandguymusic.com Guy and Sharrie have a wonderful music talent and sound that you'll love to listen to. From Saxophone to whistle to hammer dulcimer with Sharrie accompaning on guitar and ukelele, their performances and teaching have made them a popular item at countless festivals across the country. Guy has discovered the sound he wants in David's Dulcimers and has helped David develop a line of dulcimers that has a different tuning concept you need to check out.